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Tom GREEN - Stained Glass Artist

Tom graduated from the Fine Arts Program at St. Lawrence College in 1980 with a major in photography, and continued his studies at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. Periods of refreshment were spent photographing the west coast in British Columbia.
In 1983 Tom studied glass and glass blowing under artists Denis Lucan and Bob Petrie in the Niagara area and eventually opened his own studio.
After 12 years of cottaging in the Highlands, Tom relocated his business "Glass Eagle Studios" to Haliburton which he now calls "home". He spends much time in the forests and on the lakes, canoeing and kayaking. Tom's love of nature inspires everything he does. Tom continues to supply various retail outlets and welcomes commission work.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

TG015 - Hummers 3-D - SAMPLE

TG351 - Inukshuk Lamp

TG359 - 4 Elements

TG359A - 1st of 4 Elements

TG359B - 2nd of 4 Elements

TG359C - 3rd of 4 Elements

TG359D - 4th of 4 Elements

TG410 - Orchid Oval

TG418 - Rose Circle

TG422 - Lantern

TG449 - Chess Board

TG450 - Orchid, Yellow

TG451 - Orchid, Pink

TG459 - Pink Orchid

TG460 - Red Orchid

TG481 - Water Lily

TG487 - Clear Trees

TG492 - Yellow Orchid

TG512 - Red Water Lily

TG514 - Sun Flower

TG515 - Apple Blossom

TG517 - Butterfly Necklace - Sample

TG518 - Tiffany Circle

TG521 - Yellow Orchid Panel

TG524 - 4 Direction Tree

TG530 - Clear Tree LANTERN

TG543 - 4 Seasons Panel - SOLD

TG548 - Red Canoe

TG550 - Butterfly Necklace - Sample

TG552 - Bass

TG553 - Hanging Plant

TG556 - Winter Circle

TG558 - 3-D Bass

TG560 - Canoe, Kenisis Lake

TG563 - Blue Heron Mirror

TG566 - Mirror

TG567 - Northern Lights

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