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David HICKEY - Sculptor in Metal

David's artwork is definitely eclectic in nature. This applies not only to the finished work of art but also includes the mediums being used. "I've always been drawn to search out natural elements, these in turn often dictate the direction my creativity will move towards. Sometimes I will be drawn to the use of one medium such as stone and yet my next work might combine stone, weathered metal and a multitude of mixed mediums and found materials". David's finished works of art whether they be decorative, functional or both are each one of a kind. "I enjoy transforming an ojbect from its' original use into something uniquely different and contemporary.
Being open to the moment is not a passive interaction, nor is it self directed. Rather, it is a perception of the world through child like eyes. A child is very atuned to his environment, yet he has not developed a framework wherein everything is defined and sorted into a set of conscious rules and definitions. It is this type of perception without formalized rules that has maintained and fostered my own creativity".

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

DH016&17 - Moose - SAMPLE

DH033 - Silver Raindeer - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Availabl

DH113 - Boat People - SAMPLE - Similar Works May Be Available

DH195 - Fish - SAMPLE

DH197 - Birds - SAMPLE

DH202 - Birch Tree - Sample

DH211 - Beaver Hoop - $220

DH226 - Reflections - $565

DH227 - The Crossing - $900 - SOLD

DH228 - Petroglyph Deer - SAMPLE

DH231 - Pine Tree on Water - $575 SOLD

DH232 - Pine on Burl - $300 - SOLD

DH233 - Large Leaf - $525-SOLD-

DH234 - North Shore - $925 - SOLD.

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