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Danielle CHRISTIE - Painter

Danielle is a self taught artist born in Toronto, Canada. The inspiration for her work comes from spending summers at the family cottage on Big Hawk Lake in the Haliburton Highlands. The raw natural beauty of the area has been a building block from which her unique art is created.
Danielle began incorporating organic materials with acrylic paints and soon became fascinated with the incredible texture and movement it lent to the canvas. That, combined with the multiple layers of paint, allows the light to dance across the painting. Different elements of each unique piece are enhanced depending on the various lighting conditions that it is exposed to. Some have commented that "it is almost as if the canvas has come to life".

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

DC125 - Perched - $700.

DC126 - Autumn Shimmer - $550.

DC127 - Mother Natures Garden 1 (series) - $750.

DC128 - Mother Natures Garden 2 (series) - $750. SOLD.

DC131 - Birds on a Wire - $275. SOLD.

DC132 - Birds on a Wire - $75. Similar Works May Be Available

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