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Leo SEPA - Sculptor in Metal

Remember "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"?. Leo has his own interpretation. To most people nuts and bolts are only that yet Leo proves that when assembled by his skilled hands, an art form emerges. Leo builds humorous sculptures as well as beautiful functional pieces, such as coffee tables, candelebras and wall hangings from his beloved recycled metal and machine parts.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

LS002 - Sample Works

LS740 - Leaf Branch Hooks - SOLD - Similar Works May Be Availabl

LS752 - Wall Flower Candle Holder - SAMPLE

LS760 - Wire Wreath - $250.

LS771 - Harvest Moon - $1,400. SOLD

LS773 - Wreath - $250 SOLD

LS774 - Rock Tree - $375.

LS775 - Rock Tree - $375. - SOLD

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