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Taimi POLDMAA - Painter

I live and paint in the Northern Ontario city of Sault St. Marie, in the midst the Great Lakes. I am motivated by the bold shapes, strong flowing lines, deep shadows and brilliant colours of the natural landscape of Lake Superior to create works of art that are representational with expressions of abstraction.

Each painting is a new adventure in expressing the language of art, my insight and impressions. I offer the viewer an experience that transforms their knowledge to a deeper understanding and response.

With a focus ‘en plein air’ painting at Coppermine Point, Lake Superior, along rugged costal trails, sandy beaches, woods and wildflowers. It’s the perfect place to connect with nature and to “express yourself in art”.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

TP003 - Detail A

TP003 - Detail B

TP003 - Detail C

TP003 - Snow-Capped Cedar (3)

TP008 - Out Crop - Reproduction

TP010 - Theano Point - Print

TP011 - Flour Bay - Print

TP014 - Alona Bay - Print

TP015 - Theano Bay

TP017 - Old Woman Bay - Reproduction

TP018 - Caves at Agawa

TP019 - Ice on Superior

TP020 - Wetlands

TP021 - Marquette Shores

TP022 - Driftwood

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