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Gwen TOOTH - Painter

Gwen Tooth is an expressionist painter. She paints to express energy, soul and mood. She has recently completed several series of paintings revealing the various moods and energies of water, whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis.
In Gwen's paintings, colours often symbolize different feelings and energies. In her "Red Series: Gentle Waterfalls", a red underpainting provides a vibrant backdrop to serene and gentle water, nature being full of joy.
Gwen holds a B.A. from Western University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art and Design University. She teaches adult classes in acrylic abstraction at Fleming College - Haliburton School of Art + Design as well as experimental drawing and painting at various cultural centers.

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WE014 - Red Spiral - $1,200.

WE015 - Red on Black - $530.

WE016 - Red Black Gold - $530.

WE017 - Black and Gold - $220.

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