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Renee WOLTZ - Potter

Inspired by the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands, Renée creates unique stoneware and raku pottery at her studio on Kashagawigamog Lake. Each of Renée`s pots begins on the potters wheel. When pots are leather hard they are trimmed, sometimes altered and are meticulously hand carved.
Her decorative stoneware pots are incised through the wall, leaving a pattern which is evocative of the veins of leaves. These pots are fired in an electric kiln.
Her raku vessels are bisque fired, glazed, then re-fired outdoors in a propane fueled kiln. They are removed from the kiln at temperatures of approximately 1,000 degrees Celsius and placed into a nest of combustible material, such as wood shavings or dried pine needles. When the heat of the pots ignites the material, the pots are covered with a metal container to deprive the fire of air. This creates interesting metallic and crackle effects.

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RW028 - Candle Holder - $165. SOLD.

RW030 - Bowl - $115. SOLD.

RW035 - Bowl - $185.

RW037 - Shadow Crackle Vase - $155.

RW039 - Candle Holder - $180.

RW040 - Candle Holder - $175. SOLD.

RW041 - Candle Holder - $50. SOLD.

RW042 - Candle Holder - $165.

RW043 - Candle Holder - $145.

RW044 - Bowl - $175.

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