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Gordon WILSON - Painter

I've been an artist/ illustrator since I left the crib, working in television ('Dieppe 1942"​, CBC, 1979, and "The Golden Mountain"​, CBC, 1980), and numerous publications. Played in a band (Vital Sines, 1979-1986), and switched to the teaching gig in 2002. Currently, teach Communication Technology at Mayfield Secondary School, in Caledon, Ontario.

When not painting, I enjoy hammering away on my guitar pretending I'm Merle Travis.
I am also a hopeless collector of WW1 uniforms and such.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

GW001 - Yellow Cottage

GW002 - Blue Waterfall - SOLD

GW003 - The Scout

GW004 - Bright Island

GW005 - B.C. River -SOLD-

GW006 - Spring Birch

GW007 - Quiet River

GW008 - Autumn Woodlot

GW009 - Quiet Creek

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