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Sharon WADSWORTH-SMITH - Painter

What I once thought of as papery birch trunks, slowly reaching through the forest, are now blurred lines and fuzzy edges of light, always moving, ever changing. A reflection of what once was, now in a continuous dance of light and movement. I see my art as an ongoing journey and myself as a fortunate explorer.
Artist Sharon Wadsworth-Smith has been creating colourful paintings of he travels by bike through Island Lake Trail. Movement plays an integral role in Sharon’s creative process and enables her to work in an intuitive manner, giving active energy to her paintings.
She was recently awarded the Reed Cooper Bursary with a plan to study Studio Process Advancement in Haliburton and to continue painting the trail to give back to the area through special projects.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

SW007 - Path to Wren Lake - $1,350.

SW008 - Haliburton Lace - $800.

SW010 - The Farm - $475.

SW011 - Le Feet - $350.

SW012 - Followers - $275.

SW013 - Rockstar - $125.

SW014 - Glimmer - $200.

SW015 - The Edge - $385.

SW016 - Light Moves - $385.

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