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Alicia JANSSEN-THAYER - Painter

Alicia Janssen-Thayer, frequently know as JT, was born November 26th, 1993 in Brampton Ontario. She started out drawing in just pencil as a child, and still continues to this day. Throughout her life she’s moved on to trying different aspects of the arts such as music, dance and acting. She’s grown up to be an interdisciplinary artist.
She started playing Piano when she was young, her aunt Shereen was her teacher. She also got interested in modeling when Shereen asked her to model for her a few times.
Alicia was greatly influenced by her family as they are all very artistic, ranging from her father being a musician on the road to her aunt being a Piano teacher and photographer. During high school she decided she too wanted to get a broader range of the arts world and took a dance class where she learned the basics of Jazz, Ballet, Hip hop, Ballroom, Contemporary and Belly dance. She also took a music class where she played the Saxophone and another Piano class.
She then got more interested in modeling, she also wanted to try out acting on television so she joined the shine talent agency where she got another photo shoot done with photographer Donald Lemon. She then performed in the International Talent Performers showcase (ITP), where she won several awards.
After doing all of these things she decided to move to Haliburton county, taking the visual and creative arts diploma program at the Haliburton school of the arts. From then on she has experimented with many different mediums, such as wood, acrylic paint, charcoal, watercolor paint, fibre arts, glasswork … etc. She has a membership at the Rails end gallery, and has artwork on showcase at the Ethel Curry gallery. She continues to work from home in Donald, on larger projects such as willow furniture and gardening.

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JT001 - Birch Bark Owl - $75

JT002 - Clear Lake - $85.

JT010 - Bliss - $150.

JT011 - Pieces - $150.

JT012 - Moon Walker - $350.

JT013 - Sun Will Always Rise - $255

JT014 - Bliss - $440.

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