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Jake MOL - Painter

Born in the Netherlands, Jake arrived in Canada in 1952 as a teenager, continuing his art education at several Ontario Colleges such as Central Tech, O.C.A. and others, while also continually taking part in art workshops with prominent North American artists. Jake first received public interest across North America in 1964 with a published portrait of J. F. Kennedy. Jake is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, a Signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society, and a Charter member of the Vodka Painters of Canada. He is a well liked, respected and sought after Painter, Instructor and Juror. His charcoal portrait of chief Joseph is displayed in the Crazy Horse Museum of South Dakota. Jake loves and paints the outdoors, the Canadian Shield and the North, and often paints on location.

Gallery - Click on a thumbnail for more details

JM066 - Enroute

JM080 - Kawartha Fall

JM083 - Algonquin Image

JM084 - Algonquin Fall Colour

JM085 - Queens Borough Mill

JM086 - Portage

JM090 - As Time Goes By

JM091 - Skootamata Start

JM092 - Near Maynooth

JM093 - Algonquin Winter

JM094 - Opeongo River Fall

JM097 - Charlevois Can Aux Oies

JM098 - Algonquin Snippet

JM100 - Best in Colour

JM102 - Warming Up

JM104 - Madawasga Run Off - $200

JM105 - Maine Fall - $200

JM106 - Quebec Hillside Farm - $200

JM107 - Trail Swamp - $200

JM108 - On The Edge - $200

JM109 - Killarny Spring - $500

JM109 - Killarny Spring - $500

JM110 - As Time Were - $600

JM110 - As Time Were - $600

JM111 - In The Rockies - $400

JM111 - In The Rockies - $400

JM112 - Spring Lilacs - $600

JM112 - Spring Lilacs - $600

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