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Jack REID - Painter

Jack worked as a graphic artist until 1970, and only then did he venture into the world of "pure art" full-time, with little security and no formal training. What he knows, he taught himself; what he paints is what he feels.
His love of the art of watercolour is total. "There's a tremendous attraction that the transparency of watercolour holds for me," he says. "The things I want to paint have to do with water - snow, rain, fog and reflections. I'm fascinated by their translucent nature. And what do I paint them with? A water-soluble pigment! It's profoundly appropriate."

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ECG623 - Deciduous Tree in Winter - $2,200.

ECG710 - Half Barn Door - $1,500.

ECG710 - Half Barn Door, w/Frame

JR026 - Pointe Du Bark, Georgian Bay - $2,500.

JR028 - A Corner of Ritchie Falls - $1,500.

JR029 - Snow Drifts - $800.

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