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Her talents were expressed in a multitude of disciplines including a notable singing voice, a keen sense of interior design, a knack for designing and manufacturing clothing as well as painting, drawing and sculpture (not to mention her sharp wit!). Ethel Curry exhibited many domestic talents yet never chose that lifestyle, claiming she had others skills that she preferred to concentrate on. She was one of the first women to join the Ontario College of Art (OCA) in Toronto and also attended University of Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music. Ethel was later recognized as one of the leading art teachers in Toronto while working at Northern Vocational School. She worked very hard and was known by her colleagues and teachers as an artist with exceptional talent yet with partiality to one subject matter - nature. Famed Canadian artist Doris McCarthy says "if she was asked to paint a biblical theme it would end up looking as if it were placed in Haliburton". Group of Seven member Arthur Lismer would often comment, "there goes that Curry making everything northern again."


"The solace and inspiration of nature's wild beauty inspires the artist to interpret and create, to carve and to build, to sculpt and to paint."


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